If someone has violated an agreement made in your employment contract or for any other reason has disclosed your private or personal information you are entitled to seek damages while preventing further privacy violations.

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Just as an employee can file a case against you for sharing their information, you can file claims against your employee for violating their part of the contract as well. Oftentimes, this includes disclosing trade secrets, stealing client contact lists or releasing company affiliate information. Allow us to handle any and all disputes between you and your employees. We treat the task professionally and do our best to settle all disputes out of court, though we never shy away if the case has to be litigated.

Contract drafting and review

Confidentiality disputes can easily be avoided if employment contracts are clear, which is why we provide contract review services for both small and large local companies. We extensively analyze your employment contracts, identify any gaps and suggest additional information in order to protect both you and your employees against confidentiality breaches.

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