1. What to Wear to Court

    Are you flipping through your wardrobe wondering what to wear to court? Do you want to look professional but don't have a suit? For the last 35 years, Zuppke Law has been suing individuals and small to large sized businesses on behalf of our personal injury, employment, car accident, discrimination,…Read More

  2. Michigan Police Brutality Law Firm

    Were you kicked around by a police officer? Have you suffered severe and ongoing injuries because some cop overstepped their authority? Our law firm specializes in Michigan personal injury cases. More importantly, having already litigated police brutality claims before, we have a unique understandin…Read More

  3. Michigan Elder Abuse Law Firm

    Do you have a parent or grandparent living in a Michigan nursing home? Have they been mishandled, neglected, or even abused? Zuppke Law is your Michigan elder abuse law firm. For the last 34 years, we’ve handled countless of Michigan negligence and intentional misconduct claims. Our motto is simpl…Read More

  4. Dog Motorcycle Accident

    A motorcycle accident involving a large dog in Jonesfield Township, Michigan, left a woman seriously injured this last Sunday. The driver, 57, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, is in critical condition after the dog crossed her path and was struck. The woman was thrown from her motorcycle. The dog died…Read More

  5. Dog Mauling Leads to Murder Charges

    If you haven’t already heard, Craig Sytsma was savagely attacked by two mastiff-like cane corso dogs in Metamora Township, Michigan. Mr. Sytsma died because of the brutal animal attack, and Zuppke Law would like to offer our condolences to anyone who has personally been affected by his passing. As…Read More

  6. Michigan Governmental Immunity

    Governmental immunity is an often misunderstood area of the law, especially for injured clients left without anyone to sue. Zuppke Law thought it would be pertinent to shed some light on this issue. The basic premise of governmental immunity is that the government cannot be sued. However, the legisl…Read More

  7. Michigan Motorcycle Law: Do You Have to Wear a Helmet?

    In Michigan, you no longer have to wear a motorcycle helmet while you ride your bike, but there are certain limitations. To legally not wear a helmet in Michigan, a motorcyclist must: Be at least 21 years old. Have at least $20,000 in first-party medical benefits. Have held a motorcycle endorsemen…Read More

  8. What should I do if a dog bites me?

    Zuppke Law is your Michigan dog bite specialist, follow these steps to get every last penny that you deserve. 1. Document, document, document: record everything that happened at the time of the injury and everything that follows. You want witnesses’ names and detailed hand-written statements of wh…Read More

  9. July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam Results

    Are you taking the Michigan 2014 July bar examination? Are you studying like you've never studied before? If you are, Zuppke Law wishes you the best of luck on taking and waiting for Michigan’s July 2014 bar exam results. Wondering when you'll know if you passed? ​According to the State Bar's …Read More