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The Employee Right to Know Act ensures that you have access to portions of your personnel file. There are remedies if your employer isn’t cooperating with your requests for information. Don’t sit around waiting for your employer to comply with your requests, contact our firm and we’ll apply the pressure you need to get the information that you want.

Zuppke Law is your Michigan employment law firm.

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Take a look at the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act:

Sec. 11. If an employer violates this act, an employee may commence an action in the circuit court to compel compliance with this act. The circuit court for the county in which the complainant resides, the circuit court for the county in which the complainant is employed, or the circuit court for the county in which the personnel record is maintained shall have jurisdiction to issue the order. Failure to comply with an order of the court may be punished as contempt. In addition, the court shall award an employee prevailing in an action pursuant to this act the following damages:

(a) For a violation of this act, actual damages plus costs.

(b) For a willful and knowing violation of this act, $200.00 plus costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, and actual damages

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What information am I entitled to under the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act?

  • Employment applications
  • Work performance evaluations
  • Notes from disciplinary meetings
  • Educational classes taken in the course of employment
  • General work history