Are you looking for a skateboard lawyer? Someone who understands the law and knows how to ride?

Jordan Zuppke is the premier skateboard lawyer practicing law in Royal Oak, Michigan. Accidents, criminal defense, and more. Any and all skate-related legal problems can be solved at Zuppke Law. Jordan holds himself out as the world’s best skateboard lawyer.

The skateboard industry is filled with people who couldn’t tell you the difference between a fakie frontside flip and a nollie backside flip. We can. Contracts, consulting, and more. If you need a skateboard lawyer, ask the best.

Jordan grew up in the industry: rode and worked for local skateboard shops, taught at the world’s biggest skateboard camp, and helped push Michigan skateboarding. Now, as a lawyer, he can give back to the community. Backed by a law firm with over 34 years of litigation experience, we can help you no matter the issue. At Zuppke Law, our motto is simple, winning is the only option.