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Have You Been Injured In Bar? Were You Caught In The Crossfire Of A Fight Because Someone Was Over-Served?

Most people are unaware, but when a bar over-serves one of their patrons and somebody else is injured, the bar is responsible for the injuries. Bars have a duty to protect their customers from drunks. This duty is conferred by the Michigan Dram Shop Act. In order to successfully sue under this law, a plaintiff only has to prove: 1) they were injured by an intoxicated person, 2) the drunk person was the sole cause of their injuries, and 3) the bar served the drunk, or “contributed to the intoxication.”

If You’ve Been Injured In A Bar Fight, Zuppke Law Is Your Bar Injury Law Firm.

When alcohol is involved, the chances of a fight or an accident significantly increases. If you’ve been injured, you can recover either against the bar or the person who injured you. There’s one caveat, you need a law firm with experience to get you every last penny that you deserve. That’s our law firm. We’re ZuppkeLaw, a litigation law firm with over 34 years of experience.

Having handled these claims before, we know how to prevail under the Michigan Dram Shop Act. Contact our firm today.

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