When Winning Is The Only Option

ZuppkeLaw Is The Only Law Firm

Car Accident On Woodward Ave, Michigan

Have you been injured while driving down Woodward Avenue? Are you looking for an aggressive car accident lawyer?

ZuppkeLaw is your Michigan car accident law firm. For over 34 years, our firm has handled hundreds of Michigan car accident claims:

  • Catastrophic collisions
  • Motorcycle hit and runs
  • Big rig crashes
  • Drunk driving accidents

When Winning Is The Only Option, There’s Only One Car Accident Law Firm. ZuppkeLaw.

Get every last penny that you deserve for your injuries: herniated disks, broken bones, constant pain and suffering. Contact our firm today. The ZuppkeLaw guarantee is that you’ll always work with a Zuppke.

I’ve Been Injured In A Drunk Driving Accident, What Should I Do?

Michigan drunk driving accidents kill and injure thousands every year. Often times the drunk walks away unscathed while the sober driver is left with life-changing injuries and trauma. Drunk driving accidents are associated with criminal charges, but there are also civil remedies that are available to the victims. There’s one caveat, you need a lawyer who doesn’t just dabble in this area of the law. You need a constitutional warrior. That’s ZuppkeLaw.

Can I Afford A Lawyer?

Of course you can afford our services. We handle all of our car accidents claims on what’s known as a contingency fee basis. That means that you pay nothing until we either settle or fully litigate your claim. Set up a consultation with our Woodward Avenue law firm today. We’re located conveniently in the heart of Downtown Royal Oak, just north of the Detroit Zoo on the opposite side of the road.

Avoid the big billboard attorneys who will take your case just to dump it on their interns. We handle your claim from start to finish. Again, when winning is the only option, there’s only one Michigan car accident law firm. ZuppkeLaw.