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Do You Live In The City Of Clawson? Were You Bit By A Dog While On An Evening Stroll?

ZuppkeLaw is your Clawson dog bite law firm located in the heart of Downtown Royal Oak. We’re here to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Our motto is simple: winning is the only option. If you were violently attacked, we want to help get you money to pay for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and the time you had to take off of work.

Call or fill out a case evaluation form on our website. After we sign you up, let’s start gathering medical records and documenting your injuries. Read our after an attack page for more information on how to maximize your dog bite case.

Talk To A Zuppke.

Contact our dog bite law firm today. We’re located in Royal Oak, but we service the entire Woodward Corridor: Detroit, Madison Heights, Berkley, Birmingham, Clawson, and more. Michigan laws are favorable to those injured by dogs because our legislature wanted to give dog bite victims recourse. Most of our clients are never the same after they’ve been attacked: emotionally, physically, and financially.

It’s time to bite back. Dog bite claims are considered strict liability law suits. If you didn’t provoke the animal, and were lawfully in the place where the bite occurred, you can recover under Michigan’s dog bite law. While you heal, let ZuppkeLaw fight for you. Winning is our only option. We will include you throughout the entire legal process. We have the experience you need to maximize your recovery.

It’s easy to find a law firm driving down I-75, but it’s hard to find a law firm that’ll treat you like you’re family. Let us get you every last penny that you deserve.