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Detroit Goats And Chickens

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An outdated city ordinance prohibiting farm animals is being enforced on a 1 acre property far from the Midtown, Downtown revival. This is not the up and coming Detroit being branded on Shinola Watches. This is nomads land. The stuff you see brandished on Time Magazine exploiting the urban decay of a once vibrant city.

Here’s The Story:

A young couple bought a home for $2,000 in the decaying Brightmoor neighborhood, branding the parcel as Kibbutz Detropia. They renovated, painted, and cleared illegal dumping that overtook the road leading up to their abode. It wasn’t long before the homeowners added chickens and goats as a way to make their urban farming dream a reality.

Fast Forward:

A knock on the door. Animal Control came to the home asking about the farm animals. Giving the family an opportunity to remove the animals, the urban farmers loaded their precious 3 pygmy goats into their car and started driving. Animal Control had an unfortunate change of heart. They had the couple pulled over and made them unload the goats.

Animals Seized:

The goats and chickens were taken. The homeowners distraught. Fortunately for some friendly legal counsel, Jordan Zuppke of ZuppkeLaw and Rachel Loebl, the farmers had backup.

The Fight:

According to the law, it’s a misdemeanor for each animal “harbored” in violation of an age-old statute that harkens back to when Detroit was one of the most populous cities in the country. A law truly outdated and out of touch with reality. That’s 9 counts of farm of animal on the same street where a dead body was recently discovered. Where are your priorities Detroit? This is all completely contradictory to the so-called urban agricultural initiative that’s overtook many of the vacant lots throughout the city. Plants are ok but animals are not.

ZuppkeLaw Is Not Backing Down:

Just because it’s a law does not mean that it’s right. Laws outgrow their purpose. Constitutional violations occurred. When winning is the only option, there’s only one Michigan urban farming law firm. ZuppkeLaw. Contact our firm today if your rights have been stomped on or taken. Injuries, accidents, and all things legal. When it’s your livelihood at stake, why go anywhere else? Contact ZuppkeLaw today…