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Dog Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident involving a large dog in Jonesfield Township, Michigan, left a woman seriously injured this last Sunday.

The driver, 57, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, is in critical condition after the dog crossed her path and was struck. The woman was thrown from her motorcycle. The dog died upon impact, while the woman’s name and injuries have yet to be released.

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This is any motorcyclist’s worst nightmare. The unexpected. You’re riding down the road and suddenly something forces you to make a split-second life altering decision. Swerve or collide. It’s a terrible situation and there are no guarantees that either will save you from an injury.

As a Harley enthusiast, I know what’s it’s like to have to veer away from distracted drivers. I have compassion for those injured on Michigan’s roadways. As a lawyer, I have the added ability to recover from those who’ve struck motorcycle drivers.

For the last 34 years I’ve handled Michigan automobile accidents, but my passion is for helping those injured on motorcycles. I am an aggressive litigator who can offer something most other trial lawyers can’t. Experience both on the bike and in the courtroom.

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Contact our firm today for a free consultation, or stop by in person. You’ll see that my office is decorated in Harley Davidson memorabilia and will know that you’re in the right place if you’ve been injured in a Michigan motorcycle accident. Wondering what motorcycle I’m riding? A black 2005 Harley Heritage Classic, which might be parked out front as I often ride into work.