When Winning Is The Only Option

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Fired From Detroit Casino Discrimination

Did you work at one of the casinos in Downtown Detroit? MGM, Motor City, Or Greektown? Were you fired because of your age, sex, religion, or a handicap?

You need to contact ZuppkeLaw. Our motto is simple, winning is the only option. We handle a wide variety of employment-related legal problems, often associated with unfair and despicable discrimination. Many of our clients were verbally abused and harassed. It’s not uncommon for victims of discrimination to find themselves depressed, trapped in a dreadful working environment with no where else to go. Let’s put an end to that today.

At ZuppkeLaw, We’re Not Afraid To Put Up A Fight. We Don’t Wait For The First Punch, We Take It.

Contact our firm. Unlike larger law firms, when you call our office, you talk to us. Always. Only a Zuppke will handle your file. Any initial consultation is free of charge. A lot of our employment cases are taken on what’s known as a contingency fee basis. Meaning, you pay nothing until we either settle or fully litigate your claim.

If we don’t think that your claim has the merits to survive a jury trial, we won’t take it. There’s no sense wasting your time on a false promise. So, if you’ve been victimized or discriminated at any one of the Detroit Casinos – MGM, Motor City, Greektown – pick up your phone and let’s get down to business.

What Should I Do If I Am Being Harassed, Discriminated Against, Or Pushed Around Because Of My Religion?

When people come to our firm in the midst of a bad working environment, we tell them to go directly to management. Make a report, tell someone. Put everything in writing. Document the days when you’re targeted. It isn’t going to help your case if you let someone pick on you for 3 years without ever telling a sole. Tell someone. Find a person you can trust who’s higher than you on the totem pole and tell them about John Doe’s viscous acts. You should also contact ZuppkeLaw. We’ll give you practical advice. Stop waiting for the discrimination to stop, let us help you make it stop.