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Insurance Claim Denied!

Did Your Insurance Claim Get Denied!

Shame on the insurance companies. And, shame on the Michigan legislators who act as shills for these unscrupulous carriers who greedily prey on their insureds. Yes…YOU!

A long time ago, we paid our insurance premiums in exchange for an honest promise by our insurance company to cover and pay claims in a time of need. Yes, a long time ago, these promises meant something. But, not anymore. Especially here in Michigan, where our politicians are doing everything in their power to protect insurance company profits.

One of the most influential organizations in Michigan, the Michigan Association for Justice, recently published a short article identifying the insurance company tricks of the trade:

“Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse”

Insurance company deception, is no longer the exception. Not by a long shot. For example, in Michigan, there is virtually no penalty for an insurance company to intentionally deny a homeowner’s fire or flood claim in bad faith. Why? Because our government has absolutely, unequivocally, and despicably refused to enact any “Bad Faith” laws. As a result, there is no hammer by which to force insurance companies to act honestly when it comes to paying the legitimate claims of honest premium payors.

Michigan is in the minority when it comes to enacting laws designed to protect the little guys. In most states, if an insurance company denies an insurance claim maliciously, recklessly or with the improper intention of profiting in bad faith, the insurance victim has the ability to obtain punitive damages.

Picture your seven year old getting caught stealing candy. How do you control his future conduct? How do you deter such wrong behavior? Simple, you take away his TV time, or his allowance, or whatever else will serve the purpose of sending a message that stealing won’t be tolerated.

That is the concept of punitive damages. In the majority of States, if an insurance company gets caught by the court, or a jury, with bad faith conduct, penalty damages can be assessed. That is, a reasonable financial penalty sufficient to deter future malicious conduct. So, wake up Michigan. Let’s make some noise.

Michigan Association for Justice -This is the link to the MAJ, an organization to which I belong.