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July 2014 Michigan Bar Exam Results

Are you taking the Michigan 2014 July bar examination? Are you studying like you’ve never studied before?

If you are, ZuppkeLaw wishes you the best of luck on taking and waiting for Michigan’s July 2014 bar exam results. Wondering when you’ll know if you passed?

​According to the State Bar’s website, Examination results are generally released in mid-November for the July exam and mid-May for the February exam. Results are not given out over the telephone, so please do not call to inquire about your results.

Michigan Bar exam tips and tricks:

  • Focus more heavily on the essays rather than your MBE. Michigan more heavily weights the essay portion of the exam;
  • What don’t you need to know? Trick question, you need to know anything and everything in your commercial bar review course;
  • Take a commercial course, there’s far too much material to learn on your own;
  • Forget about the rule against perpetuities (RAP), there’s at max maybe 2 multiple choice questions that deal with this convoluted and impossible to understand issue;
  • Study until your eyes burn. It doesn’t all come together until the week before the exam; by then, if you’ve followed your commercial bar review course to completion, you’ll be ready.

Even when you think it’s over, it’s not. Results take almost 3 months… While you wait, especially in those last couple of weeks, you’ll chase the mailman down in agony hoping for your letter, you’ll constantly check your phone for results, and you’ll have post-traumatic nightmares about the test and everything you didn’t know or just couldn’t remember. How do we know? We were there once too.

During your few months in limbo, consider the different areas of law that you’re interested in. Here’s what we do:

If you pass, your entire career is waiting for you. If you fail, well, there’s always next time, or next-next time. Wondering who we are? ZuppkeLaw.

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