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MGM Grand Wrongful Termination

Did you work at MGM Grand Casino Detroit? Have you been wrongfully terminated?

We’ve taken on casinos before and we’ll do it again. If you were forced to take a leave of absence as a result of a family or medical problem, just to come back and find that someone else has filled your position, then you need to consult with an employment attorney.

  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Breach of contract
  • And more

ZuppkeLaw is a Michigan-based employment law firm located in Royal Oak, Michigan. Our motto is simple, winning is the only option. We have more than 34 years of experience litigating a wide range of employment cases. When we take your case, here’s our guarantee, you’ll always work with a Zuppke, and we will fight tooth and nail to get you every last penny that you deserve.

When Winning Is The Only Option, There’s Only One Employment Law Firm. ZuppkeLaw.

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated from any one of the Detroit casinos, you want to take action immediately: MGM, Motor City, Greek Town. Sue the casino for lost wages, your pension, or the medical bills that went unpaid after you were fired.

We handle all of our cases as if they’re going to trial. With that approach, our settlements are always maximized. Call us. The consultation is free. If you don’t have a case, we’ll tell you, we’re not here to blow smoke up your butt. We’ve already recovered millions of dollars from Casinos, the motor companies, and other large Michigan corporations that don’t want to honor their employment agreements.

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated from a Detroit casino, don’t wait. The time you have to file a lawsuit shortens everyday. Give us a call. Remember, at ZuppkeLaw, there’s only one option. Winning. Our other practice areas also include: dog bites, personal injuries, business contract disputes, and more. We’re here when you need us the most.