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Do you need a Michigan contract lawyer? Are you looking for an attorney who has experience?

ZuppkeLaw is your Michigan contract law firm. We have over 34 years of experience:

  • Contract drafting
  • Lease review
  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Licensing
  • Modifications

If you need a Michigan contract lawyer, ZuppkeLaw is here to help you. Let us review or draft a contract on your behalf. We can effectively negotiate with the other party and ensure that you aren’t exposed to any unnecessary liability. In the event that your contract has been breached, we have the tenacity you need at trial get the compensation that you deserve.

A lot of lawyers who draft contracts have never stepped foot into a courtroom. That’s not ZuppkeLaw. We’ve written and defended our hard work in court. We aren’t scared to step in front of a judge and argue our case.

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Our firm is located just north of where I-696 and Woodward Ave. intersect. Call or fill out a case evaluation form on our website. Initial consultations are always free. The ZuppkeLaw guarantee is that you’ll always work with a Zuppke.

What Should I Do, My Contract Was Breached?

Generally speaking, as each and every breach of contract is unique, continue operating under the contract. If you want to look favorable in front of a judge, don’t take an eye for an eye. To cease performance could put you in breach. At that point, you’re no better than the breaching party. However, please remember, this is generalization.

A consultation with ZuppkeLaw will better position you to prevail. There are times when you should not expend any more money performing when you know that you aren’t going to get paid. Just remember the ZuppkeLaw mantra, it’s simple, winning is the only option. Contact us today, we’re your contract lawyer.