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Do You Have A Parent Or Grandparent Living In A Michigan Nursing Home? Have They Been Mishandled, Neglected, Or Even Abused?

ZuppkeLaw is your Michigan elder abuse law firm. For the last 34 years, we’ve handled countless of Michigan negligence and intentional misconduct claims.

Our Motto Is Simple, Winning Is The Only Option.What Is Elder Abuse?

Examples of elder abuse include: neglect, starvation, deprivation, beatings, assault and battery, confinement, and exploitation of money and other assets. We made Michigan law after setting aside an estate plan that was made while the patient victim was unconscious. Had we not been retained, our client’s life savings would have been converted and their heirs disinherited.

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No one should take advantage of the defenseless. Let ZuppkeLaw compensate you or your family for the pain and suffering associated with the abuse that you have had to endure.

Our Michigan elder abuse law firm is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan. We’re just down the street from the Detroit Zoo where I-696 meets Woodward Avenue. If winning is the only option, there’s only one law firm. ZuppkeLaw. Call or fill out a case evaluation form on our website.

Our promise to you is simple. We’ll get you every last penny that you deserve.

What Separates Us From The Other Attorneys?

Unlike those off the highway lawyers, when we take your case, we handle your fire. We won’t accept a case just to hand it off to some other lawyer. If you find comfort in the hands of dollars spent on advertising, then our firm is not for you.

What Should I Do If My Loved One Is Being Abused In A Nursing Home?

  • Maintain detailed notes of the occurrence
  • Report any abuse to upper-level management
  • If money is being taken, put a hold on the account
  • Seek a doctor’s assistance for severe injuries

Being proactive is the only way to prevent against Michigan elder abuse. Contact us today for more information.