When Winning Is The Only Option

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Michigan Vandalism Law Firm

Has your home or personal property been subjected to vandalism? Do you know who did it? ZuppkeLaw is your Michigan vandalism law firm. Things like graffiti, malicious attacks, and explosives are some of the various ways that property can be vandalized. If you’ve been targeted, it’s time to fight back with a hard-hitting law firm. ZuppkeLaw is here to help you get every last penny you deserve for the time you spent dealing with a problem that someone else created.

What If The Person Who Vandalized My Property Is Being Criminally Charged?

It doesn’t matter if the destructive person was arrested and criminally charged. You can always file a civil lawsuit and recover the value of your ruined or destroyed property, too. A civil lawsuit is filed on your behalf. A criminal charge is filed on behalf of the state or county where the vandalism occurred. While the prosecuting attorney might ask you to participate in the proceedings, that doesn’t mean that you will be compensated for the damage to your stuff.

If Winning Is The Only Option, There’s Only One Vandalism Law Firm. ZuppkeLaw.

For the last 40 years, our firm has handled hundreds of different intentional and malicious acts. Assault and battery, harassment, discrimination, and more. We believe in standing up for the victims, not the person who caused the suffering.

Our motto is simple, winning is the only option. We won’t take your case unless we are confident that we can recover money on your behalf. Often times you pay nothing until we either settle or successfully litigate your claim. We don’t get paid until you do.

Who Are We?

We are ZuppkeLaw. A litigation law firm located in Royal Oak, Michigan. If we believe in your cause, we’ll drive to the tip of the Upper Peninsula to represent you. Our other practice areas include:

  • dog bites
  • car accidents
  • defamation
  • employment disputes

Contact us today. Call or fill out a case evaluation on our website. Stop scouring the internet looking for the “best” Michigan attorney you can find. You’ve found us. Your Michigan vandalism lawyers.