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ZuppkeLaw is your Royal Oak, Michigan contract law firm. If you have a contract that was breached, an agreement that needs to be drafted, or to see if you have a valid employment claim, then our firm is here to help you.

  • breach of contract claims
  • landlord tenant disputes
  • employment agreements
  • retail and service contracts

When Winning Is The Only Option, There’s Only One Michigan Contract Law Firm. ZuppkeLaw. Contact Us Today.

Unlike those big billboard attorneys who you see advertising off of the highway, at ZuppkeLaw, a Zuppke personally handles your contract claim from start to finish. Let us hold your adversary to their obligation under the contract that you both signed. Call or fill out a case evaluation form on our website. Remember, when winning is the only option, there’s only one Michigan contract law firm. ZuppkeLaw. Contact us today.

What Is The Definition Of A Contract?

A contract is a promissory agreement between to or more persons that creates, modifies, or destroys a legal relation. It is an agreement, upon sufficient consideration, to do or not to do a particular thing. It is the writing which contains the agreement of the parties, with the terms and conditions, and which serves as a proof of the obligation.

Does A Contract Have To Be In Writing?

No, not all contracts have to be in writing, however, please note, there are certain types of Michigan contracts that have to be written down to be enforceable. It’s always a better idea to put a verbal contract in writing to ensure that there are no uncertainties about the nature of the agreement. A gentleman’s promise is not always enough.

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