When Winning Is The Only Option

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Should I Sue My Employer?

Were You Fired For No Reason? Was There A Blatant Breach Of Your Contract?

ZuppkeLaw is your Royal Oak, Michigan employment law firm. If you’re scouring the internet wondering, “should I sue my employer,” you need to talk to a law firm with an expertise in Michigan’s employment laws and litigation.

When Winning Is The Only Option, There’s Only One Michigan Employment Law Firm. ZuppkeLaw.

Our firm has over 34 years of experience handling a wide variety of employment-related legal issues:

  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful terminations
  • Harassment
  • Compensation disputes
  • And more

We’ll consult with you for free and determine whether or not you have a valid Michigan employment lawsuit. Sometimes we can take you claim free of charge. This is known as a contingency fee agreement. You pay nothing until we either settle or fully litigate your case.

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Call our office or fill out a case evaluation form. Our motto is simple, winning is the only option. If your claim is without merit, we won’t take it. When we accept your case, we plan for battle and fight to win. The ZuppkeLaw guarantee is that you’ll always work with a Zuppke.

Southfield, Warren, Sterling Heights, or any of the surrounding areas, if you need a tough employment law firm, stop scouring the internet looking for attorneys. You’ve found us. Unlike those billboard ads you see driving down the highway, our firm will handle your claim from start to finish.

Should I Sue My Employer?

Let’s talk. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, taken advantage of, or replaced by someone because of your race, then you need a law firm that’s no afraid to fight back on your behalf. Because each and every employment dispute is different, we need to talk about your particular case. Contact ZuppkeLaw today.