Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately relatively common because people are not paying attention. If you’ve gotten into a motorcycle accident, then you need a reliable motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. Whether the motorcycle accident is your fault or it occurred because someone didn’t look before they merged, ZuppkeLaw® can help you figure out the next steps after your motorcycle accident.

ZuppkeLaw® is a law firm that focuses on accidents that occur while on the road. Whether that means an automobile accident or a motorcycle one, our lawyers are knowledgeable in personal injury law. Our Michigan law firm is your motorcycle injury law firm of choice. Thanks to our experience, you will know that you’re in good hands while you recover from your accident and we create a solid case for your accident. When you come to our law firm, you can expect us to personally handle your case and create a strategy to get you the best possible outcome for your case. At ZuppkeLaw®, we won’t accept your case just to refer it out to someone else to handle.

Why Should You Choose ZuppkeLaw®?

When Winning Is The Only Option®, then there’s only one Michigan law firm that you should consider after a motorcycle accident. That choice is ZuppkeLaw®. Michigan motorcycle accidents require the skill and confidence that only an aggressive lawyer should handle. When you come to our law firm, we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve by providing an aggressive representation. This compensation can include pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

If you’ve recently gotten into a motorcycle accident, then take the time to stop by or contact our office. Our Michigan law firm is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Royal Oak. If you’ve been injured, then you’ll meet with a lawyer who will listen to your questions and concerns about your situation. Don’t try and negotiate on your own behalf, you need an experienced trial lawyer that doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

We feel very strongly about motorcycle accidents because David Zuppke is a Harley Davidson enthusiast. David Zuppke has the knowledge, a unique perspective, and compassion other trial lawyers do not have when it comes to accidents that occur on a motorcycle. For those motorcycle enthusiasts who want to know what he owns, David Zuppke has a black 2005 Harley Heritage Classic. You might even see it in front of our offices when you come in.