When Winning is the Only Option® — there’s only one law firm — ZuppkeLaw®.

Located in Michigan, ZuppkeLaw® focuses on business law, personal injury, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual and racial harassment.

With nearly four decades of experience in Michigan’s courtrooms, when our law firm accepts your case, we do everything we can to settle the dispute outside of the courtroom, though we never shy away from a trial should your case come to that. The attorneys at ZuppkeLaw® are ready to assist in any lawsuit. With extreme determination to creating a concrete case, our law firm strives to get you a satisfactory outcome.

Why Choose Us

Believing the true key to successful litigation is hard work, we take every measure necessary to give you our complete and undivided attention. We understand that your financial interests, and possibly your reputation, are at stake, so we strive to provide unparalleled confidence with your case. We promise complete and transparent communication, keeping you informed through every stage of the case.

If you’re searching for a law firm that supports you and cares about your interests, call us today to schedule a consultation. We provide friendly services delivered by a legal professional.