Were you kicked around by a police officer? Have you suffered severe and ongoing injuries because some cop overstepped their authority?

Our law firm specializes in Michigan personal injury cases. More importantly, having already litigated police brutality claims before, we have a unique understanding that most trial lawyers do not. At Zuppke Law, we stand up for the defenseless. We fight for those who have been pushed around by law enforcement and want to push back. It’s time to hold people accountable for their actions.

Zuppke Law is your Michigan police brutality law firm.

In this industry, you can’t replace experience. We have 34 years of it. Zuppke Law prides itself on our ability to reach deep into our opponents’ pockets, hitting them where it hurts the most. Our motto is simple and straight to the point. Winning is the only option. Our firm is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan. Where I-696 meets Woodward Avenue, just down the street from the Detroit Zoo.

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If winning is the only option, there’s only one Michigan police brutality law firm. Zuppke Law. Call today to speak with a Zuppke, or fill out one of our case evaluation forms located conveniently on our website. Let us help you get every last penny that you deserve. If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of Michigan police brutality, then let’s fight back together.

What separates Zuppke Law from the other Michigan law firms?

At Zuppke Law, unlike those big billboard attorneys you see off the highway, we personally handle your file from start to finish. We won’t accept a case that has losing merits. If and when we take your case, it’s because we feel that it can survive the tough scrutiny of a jury trial. This ensures that your settlement or jury verdict is maximized. Call our firm today. Let us help you get even.