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February 2015 Michigan Bar Exam Results

The Michigan Bar Exam Is One Of The Toughest In The Country.

If you’ve landed on this page either before or after taking the February 2015 Michigan bar exam, it’s because you’re either waiting for results, or are looking for hints and tips before you walk into the hardest exam of your life.

You won’t know your results until the State Bar updates their website. That’s your portal to your law license. The golden ticket that will change your world. So, until they do, keep hitting refresh.

An Important February 2015 Bar Exam Tip.

Save your seat number! The Bar posts an early, unofficial list of passers by your assigned seat. Fortunately, after I took the exam, I had written my seat number on a tiny piece of paper and tossed it into my glove compartment. 4 months later, I knew I passed while others kicked themselves for not writing down where they sat. Believe me, after studying like you did, you’ll want to know the truth as soon possible. Write it down.

ZuppkeLaw Wishes The Future Legal Minds Of Michigan Good Luck…

The MBE now tests civil procedure. While it’s another grueling subject that you have to learn, you’ll thank the examiners when you walk out ready to know when and where to file civil claims… Civil procedure helps us in our practice everyday:

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