ZuppkeLaw is your Michigan automobile accident law firm.

From the moment you decide that you’d like us to fight for you, the lawyers at ZuppkeLaw will roll up their sleeves and start digging into your case. We’re dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve after getting into a car accident. Our Royal Oaks auto accident attorneys have successfully litigated these types of cases for decades. From negligent driving to texting while driving, our auto accident attorneys have seen it all and we know how to handle a variety of different cases.

From gathering your medical records, obtaining eyewitness statements, filing suit, and prosecuting your claim, ZuppkeLaw will use its experience and tenacity to maximize your recovery when you decide to hire us. Whether you’ve sustained a broken arm, whiplash, or something much more detrimental to your health, we understand that you need a personal injury lawyer on your side to help you find justice. We will do the best we can to get you every penny you deserve.

We’ve collected millions of dollars for countless auto accident victims, and we are not intimidated by insurance companies. A lot of the time, it can be the insurance company that is holding the case back, but we won’t take ‘no’ from an answer from the big guys. No matter how large or small the insurance company may be, we’ll get an answer that will help to maximize your recovery. At ZuppkeLaw, we don’t get paid until you get paid, which is why we’re willing to do what it takes to ensure that you’re taken care of financially after going through such a traumatizing situation. With almost 40 years of aggressive litigation experience, when ZuppkeLaw takes your case, we plan for a trial and we will fight to win. If you’ve gotten into the following types of accidents, then we can offer legal help.

Keep in mind that when you get into a car accident, you need to be aware of those who are trying to deceive you of what your case is worth. If you get into a car accident that is hindering you from going to work or taking care of your children, then you need to fight back by hiring an auto accident attorney who will fight for your best interests.

Michigan insurance companies will lie, cheat, and try to steal away your rightful benefits. If this has happened to you, then we can help you get what you deserve. Don’t let a friendly insurance representative trick you into accepting a small settlement. You deserve more, especially when you can’t take care of your family or go through your normal daily activities. One thing to remember about insurance companies is to never sign a release unless you have consulted a lawyer. Additionally, don’t handle your injury case on your own. You’ll likely be dissatisfied with the results. Make sure you always hire an auto accident attorney to ensure that you’re cared for after a car accident.

Why ZuppkeLaw?

When you’re looking for a lawyer, you want someone who is knowledgeable. You want someone who is prepared, dependable, and who will look out for your best interests. In addition to these characteristics, ZuppkeLaw also exemplifies experience, tenacity, and compassion. We are proud to be a law firm that has worked with a variety of clients on cases that all vary for almost four decades. We also believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to each of our cases, and we’ll make sure to work with you to strategize the best plan for your desired results.

At ZuppkeLaw, we have the perseverance and motivation to help you get what you need, so you are able to get the recovery you deserve. Our reputation for fierce and unrelenting litigation in the courtroom started in 1980 when David F. Zuppke first started the practice. While technology and our strategies have changed to ensure a win for each of the clients that come to us, our dedication and drive have not deviated from our beginning. We are the aggressive negotiators that you need to ensure an outcome that you want.

However, we also understand that it takes more than raw aggression to win cases. It takes commitment and hard work to ensure a triumphant outcome. A successful litigation requires a solid strategy and a love for the law. All of which we’re proud to represent. It takes an understanding and compassion for injured victims. That’s what you should expect from your auto accident attorney.

When you hire ZuppkeLaw, you can expect us to exhibit all of those things. So, if you are the victim of a personal injury such as an auto accident, call ZuppkeLaw now or fill out the form below.