1. Should I Sue My Employer?

    Were you fired for no reason? Was there a blatant breach of your contract? Zuppke Law is your Royal Oak, Michigan employment law firm. If you're scouring the internet wondering, "should I sue my employer," you need to talk to a law firm with an expertise in Michigan's employment laws and litigation.…Read More

  2. I Need A Dog Bite Lawyer in Michigan

    Have you been bitten by someone's dog? Do you have unpaid medical bills and ongoing problems as a result of the bite? Zuppke Law is your Michigan dog bite law firm. For the last 34 years, we've tried and settled hundreds of dog bite cases. Michigan's dog bite laws are tough, strict liability is impo…Read More

  3. Bar Injury Law Firm

    Have you been injured in bar? Were you caught in the crossfire of a fight because someone was over-served? Most people are unaware, but when a bar over-serves one of their patrons and somebody else is injured, the bar is responsible for the injuries. Bars have a duty to protect their customers from…Read More

  4. Royal Oak Car Accident Law Firm

    Have you been injured in a car accident in Royal Oak, Michigan? Are you looking for an experienced law firm? Zuppke Law is your Michigan car accident law firm. For the last 34 years, our firm has helped recover millions of dollars of behalf of our clients. Whether it's dealing with your insurance co…Read More

  5. Semi Truck Accident Law Firm

    Have you been involved in a car accident with a semi-truck? Were you merged into by some driver who wasn't paying attention? Due to the sheer size of semi-trucks, their accidents are severe and often fatal. If you or a family member has been injured or unfortunately killed in a semi truck accident, …Read More

  6. Cheated Out of Money

    Have you or a family member been cheated out of money? Have you been disinherited because a caretaker had your parent sign away your rights? Zuppke Law is here to get your money back. Our law firm handles a variety of complex contract-related legal matters involving businesses, wills and trusts, and…Read More

  7. Detroit Goats and Chickens

    Zuppke Law made news! An outdated city ordinance prohibiting farm animals is being enforced on a 1 acre property far from the Midtown, Downtown revival. This is not the up and coming Detroit being branded on Shinola Watches. This is nomads land. The stuff you see brandished on Time Magazine exploiti…Read More

  8. Breaking news: Detroit Police Chase Leads to Car Accident

    On the east side of Detroit at 8 o‘clock last night, the police attempted to pull over a white sedan for running multiple red lights. Instead of stopping, the car sped off. Losing control on Munich Street, the car flew off of road and hit a tree, lying mangled in two pieces. All 5 passengers are n…Read More

  9. Car Accident On Woodward Ave, Michigan

    Have you been injured while driving down Woodward Avenue? Are you looking for an aggressive car accident lawyer? Zuppke Law is your Michigan car accident law firm. For over 34 years, our firm has handled hundreds of Michigan car accident claims: Catastrophic collisions Motorcycle hit and runs Big ri…Read More