1. Cheated Out of Money

    Have you or a family member been cheated out of money? Have you been disinherited because a caretaker had your parent sign away your rights? Zuppke Law is here to get your money back. Our law firm handles a variety of complex contract-related legal matters involving businesses, wills and trusts, and…Read More

  2. Detroit Goats and Chickens

    Zuppke Law made news! An outdated city ordinance prohibiting farm animals is being enforced on a 1 acre property far from the Midtown, Downtown revival. This is not the up and coming Detroit being branded on Shinola Watches. This is nomads land. The stuff you see brandished on Time Magazine exploiti…Read More

  3. Breaking news: Detroit Police Chase Leads to Car Accident

    On the east side of Detroit at 8 o‘clock last night, the police attempted to pull over a white sedan for running multiple red lights. Instead of stopping, the car sped off. Losing control on Munich Street, the car flew off of road and hit a tree, lying mangled in two pieces. All 5 passengers are n…Read More

  4. Car Accident On Woodward Ave, Michigan

    Have you been injured while driving down Woodward Avenue? Are you looking for an aggressive car accident lawyer? Zuppke Law is your Michigan car accident law firm. For over 34 years, our firm has handled hundreds of Michigan car accident claims: Catastrophic collisions Motorcycle hit and runs Big ri…Read More

  5. Michigan Self-Defense Law: Stand Your Ground

    Self-Defense in Michigan Did you know that Michigan is a stand your ground, self-defense state? So long as a person is not engaged in the commission of a crime, that individual has the right to use deadly force against another individual, with no duty to retreat, if that person reasonably believes t…Read More

  6. Michigan Bully Law firm

    Have you or your child been beaten up or pushed around? Has somebody caused you depression, anxiety, or public humiliation? Zuppke Law is your Michigan bullying law firm. Let us fight back on your behalf. It's time to stand up against the person who's been causing you grief. At Zuppke Law, we don't …Read More

  7. I Slipped On Black Ice, What Should I Do?

    Did you slip and fall on black ice outside of a restaurant? Did somebody fail to properly ice their sidewalk? Zuppke Law is your black ice injury law firm. If you've been injured because of black ice, you need a competent Michigan slip and fall attorney to take your case. Given that we live in a sta…Read More

  8. Royal Oak, Michigan Defective Playground Law Firm

    Has your child been injured on a defective swing set? Zuppke Law is your defective playground law firm with over 34 years of aggressive litigation experience. No child should have to suffer because someone took a shortcut and didn’t want to fix a broken slide or teeter totter. Childhood injuries c…Read More

  9. Michigan Contract Warranties and Disclaimer Laws

    Contracts are legally enforceable agreements between two or more parties. When the contract concerns the sale of goods, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governs the transaction. Under the UCC, there are various warranties available to buyers and sellers: Express warranties Implied warranties Discla…Read More